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Need a trauma lens to view all movies for these kiddos! Lots of kids’ movies have family separations and reunificat… https://t.co/pBL0hE7v76
Yes none of us are perfect ever! What a relief!! https://t.co/9BazkdxBdr
Or I will never... Crow is being served tonight! 🤣 https://t.co/HUrvYjKThk
Post on every little league field, in every sport! https://t.co/riZ5BHBSKE
Chuck Swindoll once did a survey that 80% of the moms said they felt they were doing a horrible job! 80%!! That is… https://t.co/CrcuGi1kFP
This is so true. It also has to do with why adopted kids love their birth parents but not themselves. Rejection (no… https://t.co/SYC9tnAVUW