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Why is it that in every photo I see of Trump, his mouth is hanging open?
RT @bandback2gether: Asking the Band about coping with family mental illness today. https://t.co/XWiUR1oh1c https://t.co/sfrSNYtCg7
@edensmomma1 My dad is an evil, evil man.
Had a box turtle growing up - I loved the thing dearly. My father, a lovely guy, waited until summer in Chicago and… https://t.co/WX075B16JO
@ClaymoreJ79 Ergggghhh. Yeah. That’d do it.
@PerezHilton Oh man. I worked in a vet clinic while I was in school. The things I saw that broke my heart are too n… https://t.co/26TMy1mUYV
@ClaymoreJ79 This is very very annoying to me. I’ll be hungry for it.. until I sit down with a plate of it.
@StephenKing Because it’s not brown.
RT @bandback2gether: Just in case you are still a little unclear what abortion actually is, this one is for you. https://t.co/aCY0QUMk8H…
RT @bandback2gether: Please remember these fights for women's right to choose are about more than forgetting birth control. We must remembe…
RT @bandback2gether: Self-injury or self-harm is a serious form of mental illness. People who suffer depression, stress, anxiety, self-loat…