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Once I get tube socks, my outfit will be complete. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @Target makes this 70's baby very happy. ✌🏻… https://t.co/r6GbuY5Hb5
I’m ready for you, Spring. Bring on the sun, the energy, and the limitless possibilities of growth. Let’s do this!… https://t.co/svv4V9k57T
60 degrees. Ice on the ground. END TIMES #oklahoma #edmond #hail #weather https://t.co/cgywRCvp8T
Holy hail in Edmond. Right after an earthquake. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #oklahoma #okc #hail https://t.co/4QUIj3n3CZ
Just received a beautiful @StudioDIY gift from @GenMillsCereal. TY! Join the @LuckyCharms Marshmallow Only Club -… https://t.co/ro5KodG3d7
Esther is afraid of the water her family gathers. Worms in it make them sick, but it’s the only water in walking di… https://t.co/eyhMCW5H5D
When I travel for work, I want to look and feel my best, just as I would in my everyday business life. Why shouldn’… https://t.co/y2mG3obAxd
When I travel for work, I want to look and feel my best. I pack all of the makeup and toiletries that I would norma… https://t.co/GV7SUm1Ae5
I have a quote included in today’s @CNNBusiness article on talking to kids about violent content online. #parenting https://t.co/JF8SWpTqAn
Just heard a rumor on the banana phone that banana Laffy Taffy is no more. ⁣ ⁣ And on Let’s Laugh Day, no less. ⁣ ⁣… https://t.co/YUbzBZWtoB
Why Living in Lack Doesn’t Work https://t.co/wysvaNb9t6 #my40life https://t.co/1lIkQfGm8c
Every person has the right to good credit and repairing past mistakes. @LexingtonLaw can help with those repairs!… https://t.co/jpZQ57mvQD
#AD There are a handful of specific things I do to get my home and my family prepared for the changing of the seaso… https://t.co/fNAPBOzvpJ
Thank you for joining us today! Your insight was SO helpful. #HealthySleepChat #WorldSleepDay #ad https://t.co/8kLkT8D9cy
Thank YOU! #HealthySleepChat #WorldSleepDay #ad https://t.co/yI6soitelQ
The two #HealthySleepChat $100 gift card winners will be sent a DM from @AASMorg soon, so keep a lookout. Good luck… https://t.co/5qdMgF7xNE