20 Latest Tweets from our favorite Mommies

Parents MagazineToddler Wets Herself Mid-Flight After Flight Attendant Bars Her From Bathroom https://t.co/oiIgFcZTrf https://t.co/LmfKLmZ4F4
Parents Magazine8 Apps & Tech Tools That We Think Make Parenting Easier https://t.co/Y2MaR79b9h https://t.co/9ZtyW8YHpR
Parents Magazine10 Bags So Chic You'd Never Guess They're Diaper Bags https://t.co/074Ac0vLdy https://t.co/DGgCe2xUyz
Amy BellgardtRed, White & Blue Boozy Cherry Bombs Recipe for July 4th https://t.co/5h6qBrgDKh #july4th #recipe https://t.co/GNpqP6vB25
Aunt BeckyRT @PPact: BREAKING: Senate releases secret #Trumpcare bill that "defunds" Planned Parenthood & takes away coverage from millions. #IStandW…
FamilyEducationBefore your little ones start climbing the walls on a #rainyday, give these cute crafts a try! ☔ #DIY #crafty… https://t.co/7HTTVoAnLs
Parents MagazineSteal This Mom's Low-Key Plan for the Best Summer Ever https://t.co/kbsN8ePAbI https://t.co/YuNka4V9dB
Parents MagazineThese 17 Color-Coded Cousins Are the Family Portrait Inspo You Need https://t.co/5FdDo4Uft4 https://t.co/Ri0PBOOItW
FamilyEducationTry these games when it gets too hot for your kids to play outside! https://t.co/Z4L7BSZE2O https://t.co/Zqc01Ph5ur
Eden M. KennedyRT @NumbersMuncher: Most poorly timed photo or most perfectly timed photo? https://t.co/I5rUShpgKO
Parents MagazineMeet the Daddy-Daughter Duo Behind Those Disney-Inspired Music Videos https://t.co/5qoGNorwCb https://t.co/9wUcQBHTkI
Amy BellgardtApproaching half a million views, crazy!->How to Make Bacon-Wrapped Cheese-Stuffed Hot Dogs https://t.co/P0c1aFxNs8 via @YouTube #July4th
Eden M. KennedyRT @AwwCuteOverload: Reindeer antlers are sprayed with a reflector to reduce traffic accidents in Finland. Genius. https://t.co/JBpFVsRPSG

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