20 Latest Tweets from our favorite Mommies

Amy BellgardtI flew to Cozumel, jumped on the @carnival Splendor for #CarnivalLIVE, interviewed @SamHun… https://t.co/fcQ7QJr0by https://t.co/iBVHlvGEUq
FamilyEducationFall weather is here, but make sure your kids are still spending enough time outside! https://t.co/JGN7PYTlXv https://t.co/6UKf3oAe9g
Parents MagazinePeople can still register to vote in Illinois, California, Alabama, South Dakota and Wyoming! Register today! 👍… https://t.co/ezYxIm0p2V
Parents MagazineIllinois, California, Alabama, South Dakota and Wyoming can still register! Make sure you are registered to vote!… https://t.co/bjLIg0Ezb9
Parents MagazineParents, let's teach our kids how to critically think. https://t.co/hv8SI4KtzL https://t.co/GodC9XBEci
Parents MagazineYour partners health may be key to getting pregnant! https://t.co/jiCl23NOXE https://t.co/pPSZPsTqtB
Aunt BeckyThat's right, I said RUE.
Amy BellgardtEnjoying the last day of the #CarnivalLIVE @carnival cruise. 🛳 https://t.co/7ORHKAQjYE https://t.co/xexVcGnhr7
$6000 DeductibleRT @CalmTomb: This note Jimmy Carter left for Ronald Reagan before Reagan took office says everything about how politics have changed. http…
March of DimesGot questions about medicines or vaccines during pregnancy/ breastfeeding? Join us for the #FDApregnancychat on Oct… https://t.co/bfKVSwgPUC
March of DimesDue to changing hormones during pregnancy, dental care should be a priority: Pregnancy is a time of many chan... https://t.co/uPMolRMC4i
FamilyEducationDid Halloween sneak up on you? We have you covered with these easy last-minute costume ideas!… https://t.co/RHW5KTp4Tl
Mom Bloggers ClubFinally a reading program that works! Let’s Learn to Read 10-DVD Collection by Rock ‘N Learn. $39.99 on Groupon… https://t.co/yyoOXFIqck
Judy@Levana BratiqueTalk about inspirational? What have you always wanted to try? Here's your mission for 2017 - do it! What ever... https://t.co/DPZ3pLPPAp

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